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Friday, July 9, 2010

It's Summertime...ugh

I've lived in New York my entire life. The greatest thing about the northeast is that we experience all seasons in full force....but the worst thing is also that we experience all seasons in full force.

The past few days, as you know, have been disgustingly hot and sticky. This is the part of summer I hate. I don't like going outside and feeling like I'm in a sauna I can't escape. I hate waking up in a pool of sweat, not being able to touch my steering wheel because it feels like it's on fire, and always having to put my hair up to avoid having it stuck to my face and neck.

So I started thinking today about the things I enjoy during summertime, as opposed to whining and complaining about the wretched heat. A few things are:

- Being able to sit outside and talk and eat with family and friends. When it starts to get breezy, it's great to sit outside and escape the same four walls you have to look at all winter. Whether it's a family barbecue or a few cocktails at night with friends, it's all more fun outside.

- Freezer Pops. These delicious icy treats become a major food group for me during the summer. They're so refreshing, and something sweet that isn't too heavy for the heat. Yum.

- Wearing flip-flops all of the time. They are the most convenient, comfortable footwear ever created. It's so upsetting when the chilly part of Fall comes and we all finally realize we have to put the flip-flops away for the 8 months of winter.

- Going to the lake. I'm not a swimmer personally, but I like to put my feet in the water or skip rocks. The atmosphere at lakes provide some of the most beautifully scenic moments, especially at sunset.

- Summer is the season when weather is perfect for travel and being outside. Farmer's markets, fairs, and festivals all take advantage of this. There are some really cool events going on locally this summer.I personally can't wait for the Great American Irish Festival on July 23 and the first ever Victorian Leisure Fair at the Erie Canal starting July 31.

So what are your favorite things about summer?

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