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Monday, February 28, 2011

To ink or not to ink?

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I received a text message from my college roommate a few days ago containing a photo of her second completed tattoo.

I was green with envy.

Our senior year of college my roommate, let's call her Elouise for anonymity purposes, was the first of the three of us to muster up the guts to get a tattoo. As I sat through the appointment with her (which she took like a champ) I'm not sure if watching her survive it was helpful or not.

While getting inked may have once seemed like a rebellious act, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a young person over 18 without at least one, non-removable-there-forever-hope-you-don't-regret-it mark on their body.

I won't pretend that I'm not judgmental about tattoos - but who isn't?

Don't tell me you've never looked at the girl with the butterfly surrounded by daisies on her ankle and rolled your eyes.

I'm all for tattoos. I think they're a perfectly acceptable form of self-expression. BUT - I do think you should think long and hard about what/where to get one instead of rushing into something you might regret.

I personally have failed to get one because yeah I'm kinda scared of the pain and I haven't decided exactly where I want my first one to go.

When considering placement, you must take into account - pain value, visibility, and the size of the tattoo. The two top-running locations for me are my wrist and my foot, which just so happen to be two of the most painful places to have a needle repeatedly jabbed into your skin. Awesome.

Now I've heard horror stories about tattoo appointments and I've heard people lie and say they hardly felt a thing. Guess it all depends on pain tolerance.

But I want to be as educated as possible before I make my final decision, so I need your help. I'm asking you all to share your tattoo experiences - good, bad, and ugly. Suggestions and criticisms will be duly noted.

I'm gonna go try and gauge my pain tolerance by poking myself with paper clips. Don't judge me.


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