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Monday, May 2, 2011

Cell phone showdown 2011

I have been a loyal Verizon customer for about six years now, and I generally have no complaints.

I started out with a simple model flip phone, moved on to the Alias and then to the BlackBerry, which I currently use. When I first bought my BlackBerry, I was amazed by what it could do. I could read e-mail, call, text, keep my calendar updated, and check Facebook all from my phone. It was great.

But now the time has come to get a new phone and I'm having quite an internal conflict. I've seen and heard all about the new Android phones, iPhone and newer Blackberry phones...but I can't seem to make a decision.

For the past several years I was adamantly against touchscreen phones because I was convinced I would smash the screen in less than a day as it floated around in my over-sized suitcase purse. But I've become more fond of them lately, and with an array of  phones available I've narrowed it down to the Droid Incredible 2 vs. the iPhone 4.

Now keep in mind I work in the media industry, where several people consider using anything but Apple products blasphemous, so I've heard my fair share of iPhone endorsements in my own office.

But several other people who own Droid phones rave about them and how much better the features are compared to the iPhone.

Also, after reading this I feel like Auto Correct on the iPhone could possibly ruin my life.

So here's the deal. I need all of you to leave comments and help me make a decision! As a generally decisive person, the confusion is killing me and I'd like to put an end to it ASAP.

We'll make it through this together!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uncle Char just got a droid bravo about a month ago and he seems to like it alot!!

love you, Aunt Teri

May 2, 2011 at 7:17 PM  
Blogger Caitlin Traynor said...

As someone who uses a Droid for work and an iPhone for personal use, I can offer an informed opinion. I HATE the Droid and I LOVE the iPhone. I know it's me, but I just don't get the Droid's operating system. Navigating through the phone is too complicated and even after hours and hours of "practice" and having other people show me how things work, I still don't like it.

The iPhone is the best phone I've ever had. It's durable - I drop it A LOT and it still hasn't broken. It's easy to use (the keyboard takes a little getting used to) and you can do almost anything.

My vote is for the iPhone.

May 3, 2011 at 3:58 PM  

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