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Monday, June 20, 2011

Freedom and justice for...straight people?

So listen - I'm generally not a political person. I don't rally for or against issues although I do have strong opinions on them, and I couldn't tell you the logistics of how government works if my life depended on it.

I can, however, tell you details of all the politician scandals over the past few years...but I digress.

With the Assembly's recent passage of the gay marriage bill, it is currently in discussion at the legislative session in Albany as I type this.

I've been scouring news sources all day today looking for updates and so far all I know is there are rallies outside the Capital and still no reports on whether or not the bill was even addressed today. I do know it's rumored that the session may continue for the better part of the week, which I hope is true if it means this issue will be addressed.

With only one more vote needed to pass the Senate, I can only imagine the pressure Cuomo has put on the Republicans all day today.

But now down to why I'm throwing my two cents in.

I've read countless quotes from countless news sources today that really anger me. People speaking of the difference of right and wrong, and what God wants or this really serious?

I can't imagine the ignorance and intolerance that must exist in a person to actually actively lobby against a group of people receiving equal rights. Didn't we throw away inequality after suffrage and segregation? I thought our nation was more progressive than what I'm seeing here.

There are too many people concerned with religious issues and seem to forget that our country was built on the basis of the separation between church and state.

I am Catholic and I fully support and encourage gay marriage because I know I have no right to pick out parts of the Bible that prove my point and righteously stand by it as if I have some divine authority to do so.

God also hates divorce, disobedience, stealing, lying and adultery. Now I can say with total confidence that 90 percent of the people so avidly opposing gay marriage have done one or all of these things. If you're going to tell me you've never told a fib or disobeyed your parents; you are lying...and going to hell! How's that for condemnation?

There's a 50 percent divorce rate people, what exactly is this 'sanctity' we're protecting? Are we trying to say someone who has three or four divorces and/or marriages is really respecting the union(s) they're so gloriously 'allowed' to have?

But that's not even my biggest issue here. Simply put, who am I to tell someone that they're not allowed to have the same rights I have regardless of gender, race or religion. I thought Americans supported freedom and justice for all? This has absolutely no affect on the lives of anyone outside of the union between the two people.

Do they put straight men and women under a moral or ethical microscope before they give them the right to marry? Biggots, atheists (ya know, those people who don't even believe in God or the Bible and what it preaches), white supremacists, convicted felons, people who are promiscuous, drink and drive, hunt and kill animals, litter, jaywalk, and gossip are all allowed to get married! I would say there's some morality issues there, huh? Now why don't they have to fight? What makes them less prone to having people try and take away or prevent their equal rights?

Just think about it...the Bible isn't the issue here - ignorance is.

Feel free to leave comments about your views on the issue!


Blogger Caitlin Traynor said...

Well said Kali - The only satisfaction I get from reading news articles with Republican political commentary on this issue is that they're hopefully blundering their moral reputation enough for their constituency to vote them out of office. Then I remember that they aren't the only ones who oppose same-sex marriage - that certainly some of the people they represent have those same views. I hope that they are the minority.
This is such a black and white issue to me that it's hard to wrap my brain around a person's opinion that marriage, for any two people, regardless of their gender, is wrong.
We've been fairly successful as country in separating church and state. What else in our governmental society is dictated by the Bible? What other laws and rights are decided by a faith-based, not fact-based book that some people choose to live their lives by? Not anything I can think of. So why this?

June 21, 2011 at 2:57 PM  

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