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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reaction to Casey Anthony trial

Having just celebrated how great our country is on July 4 with fireworks ablaze and flags flown high, I find it ironic that today I'm as disappointed in it as I was proud yesterday.

Casey Anthony was today found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, who she failed to report missing for 31 days, by a jury of her peers.

I'm not going to throw around accusations although I personally believe there is something very off with this entire case. If her daughter had drowned, as she and the defense claim, why not call the police? If it was truly an accident, there should have been no reason for them to try and cover it up, right?

I'm most disappointed in the state of Florida, not because they didn't convict Casey Anthony, since the realistic part of me understands that there wasn't enough evidence to avoid 'reasonable doubt', but because they didn't uncover the truth.

What happened to Caylee Anthony? Where's her justice?

Casey Anthony was convicted of lying to investigators, which was very evident since she changed her story on almost a weekly basis. She first claimed Caylee was with a mysterious babysitter who never returned her, then suddenly she drowned in a pool and her father urged her to cover it up, then she went as far as to accuse her father and brother of sexual abuse as if that has any bearing on the issue at hand.

That's what most disgusts me about Casey Anthony. She has made everything about her, showing little or no concern for finding out what actually happened to her daughter. Claiming that she drowned is a joke.

While I'm sure we all hope the judge will order her to have her tubes tied so this doesn't happen again, we all know she's going to walk without serving any more jail time.

I've seen livid Facebook posts and tweets all day, but feel free to comment and share your thoughts/theories on the case.


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