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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Contemplating a five-year reunion

RFA Graduation 2006. Five long years ago.
As surreal as it seems, I've officially been out of high school for five whole years. Whoa.

I don't really feel any different. Yeah, I graduated college and got a big-girl job, but I'm assuming most of my fellow graduates from the RFA Class of 2006 have done the same, right?

Well I was gossiping with talking to a friend of mine recently about people we graduated with and how we only really know anything about their lives now from Facebook. Some of them have great jobs, moved out of state, and are making tons of money. Some of them are married with kids. Some of them fell of the face of the planet, never to be heard from again.

Either way, we were throwing around the idea of having an unofficial five-year 'reunion'...if we should even call it that. More of a five-year 'hey let's get together if you're around town and as nosy about what's going on with everyone as I am' event.

We did realize our obstacle would be getting a hold of everyone from our class, since Facebook is generally our only means of communication with people from high school. I'm unaware of whether or not RFA keeps alumni records for reunion purposes (which I would think they do/should?) and although that would make life easier, it's a little short notice for embossed, hand-mailed invitations to reach 400 people.

I know I seem impatient. I mean, why can't I just wait another five years for the official anticipated/dreaded 'Ten Year Reunion?'

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Freedom and justice for...straight people?

So listen - I'm generally not a political person. I don't rally for or against issues although I do have strong opinions on them, and I couldn't tell you the logistics of how government works if my life depended on it.

I can, however, tell you details of all the politician scandals over the past few years...but I digress.

With the Assembly's recent passage of the gay marriage bill, it is currently in discussion at the legislative session in Albany as I type this.

I've been scouring news sources all day today looking for updates and so far all I know is there are rallies outside the Capital and still no reports on whether or not the bill was even addressed today. I do know it's rumored that the session may continue for the better part of the week, which I hope is true if it means this issue will be addressed.

With only one more vote needed to pass the Senate, I can only imagine the pressure Cuomo has put on the Republicans all day today.

But now down to why I'm throwing my two cents in.

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