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Friday, July 22, 2011

My Vacation Checklist

I haven't been on a real vacation in a while. So I've decided that when I go on my upcoming vacation to Florida in August, I'm going to make a checklist of things I want to do so I don't A.) regret not taking advantage of my experience or B.) get bored.

Keep in mind I only have a solid 5 days to work with and it's a family vacation, so most of these activities are pretty PG.

But here it goes in no particular order:

- Eat at a local food joint, not a chain.
- Sit on the beach and play in the ocean
- Make a friend
- Drive around aimlessly for 30 minutes, just to enjoy the scenery in a new place (Obviously with a GPS so I don't accidentally end up in Alabama)
- On that same token, I'd like to walk around in a downtown area just visiting little shops and taking in the sights for a few hours
- Watch a sunset on the beach
- Go to a local museum
- Take a tour
- Visit a local historic landmark

That's what I have so far and I know they all seem kind of lame and generic, so help me out!

What do you usually do on vacation?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dissecting divorce rates

I just recently came across an article from the Wall Street Journal called 'The Divorce Generation', which at first I thought was going to be depressing and disheartening, but of course I went ahead and read it anyways.

Ironically, it was quite the opposite. The woman who wrote it was describing how those in her generation, Generation X, are known for having lived through their parents divorce. Apparently divorce rates are "now at their lowest level since 1970." Encouraging, right?

Well I, like many of you, can figure out why this is most likely true. For one, people are getting married later in life, which means they're both giving themselves the opportunity to establish a career and life of their own, and allowing enough time to get to know or seek out a compatible life partner.

Many people can't wait to get married and start a family right out of high school or college, but I say, 'What's the rush?'

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reaction to Casey Anthony trial

Having just celebrated how great our country is on July 4 with fireworks ablaze and flags flown high, I find it ironic that today I'm as disappointed in it as I was proud yesterday.

Casey Anthony was today found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, who she failed to report missing for 31 days, by a jury of her peers.

I'm not going to throw around accusations although I personally believe there is something very off with this entire case. If her daughter had drowned, as she and the defense claim, why not call the police? If it was truly an accident, there should have been no reason for them to try and cover it up, right?

I'm most disappointed in the state of Florida, not because they didn't convict Casey Anthony, since the realistic part of me understands that there wasn't enough evidence to avoid 'reasonable doubt', but because they didn't uncover the truth.

What happened to Caylee Anthony? Where's her justice?

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