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Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Summer's Resolutions

Shame on me.

It's been almost five months since my last post and that is inexcusable. Thoroughly.

I think I've been having such trouble since I haven't decided on a specific topic for this blog yet, I just write what I want, when I want -- my mantra for most things in my life.

But I do miss writing and would never wish to deprive anyone of my rants, catharsis or generally unwarranted opinions on life and events.

While blogging more often is certainly a priority, there are several other 'summer resolutions' I'd like to make.

I mean who says you can only make resolutions for the New Year? Hell, I say we all make resolutions each season! They'll probably be equally as unsuccessful as New Year's resolutions, but I'm all about the old college try.

I've come up with a few 'New Summer's Resolutions' (Ha. Get it?) already that are pretty realistic and manageable, but as always I'm also open to suggestions.

1.) Blog more. Duh.

2.) Save money. I know -- we're all suffering in this economy. But I believe in baby steps and I think there are a few things I can do to start saving. Like stop spending so much. I've recently been taking a certain amount of money from each paycheck, putting it in a savings account, and giving the card to that account to someone else so I can't access it. Extreme? Maybe. But you can't spend what you literally can't spend, right?

3.) Make healthy choices. I guess both mentally and physically, but mostly physically. More exercise and less cheese fries, ya know?

4.) Declutter my life. Again, both mentally and physically, but mostly physically. It's been two years since I came home from college and still haven't sorted through everything yet. Sad, I know. Tons of stuff needs to be thrown away, given away, or sold. Maybe I should have a garage sale? Then I could kill two birds with one stone -- make some money and declutter. Genius!

5.) Live life. Trust me I'm not trying to get deep and sappy here -- you know me better than that -- but summer is a great time to be spontaneous, hang out with friends/family and just have fun. So I'm gonna do just that.

How about you? Any summer resolution ideas?


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