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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yes, I talk to myself

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While driving to work this morning, I was doing something that I do pretty regularly, and then thought about how weird it actually was.

I talk to myself.

Even beyond that, I have actual conversations with people who aren't there.

Now before you direct me to a mental health facility, I do acknowledge that there is no one there and that it's not an actual conversation.

If there's something on my mind, I feel better verbalizing it. It's purely cathartic. I actually advise people to do this. When you feel as though you've actually voiced your opinions or concerns, it saves you from bottling them up inside and resulting in a massive conflict or confrontation. Whether or not someone is actually listening to you is quite irrelevant.

Sometimes I even use my 20-minute drive to work to have practice conversations, or re-hash a conversation I've already had to feel like I made points that I forgot to make in the actual discussion. This could be about anything from a fight with my mother, to a political conversation with co-workers or something going on in the news that I feel the need to address but haven't had a chance to yet with a real person.

Many times I also just talk to myself about things that are bothering me that I have no intention of addressing in a real conversation. The act of actually voicing my thoughts just makes me feel better and there's no one there to tell me if I'm being harsh or unreasonable. It's really a beautiful thing.

As I type I feel like it sounds more crazy as I go on, but I want to put this out in the ether so if others do this, they don't think it's AS bizarre. Finding out someone else shares a strange habit can unrealistically make you feel like its more normal.

Does anyone else do this? Or am I just slightly off kilter?


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