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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wanna laugh?

I decided I'd like to keep things light today, since I'm in a particularly good mood, so I'm going to share my favorites sites to visit when I'm looking for a good laugh.

- Damn You Autocorrect is one of my favorites. Even if you don't have an iPhone I'm sure you can relate, on some level, to having sent text messages that either don't make any sense or take on a whole new meaning when one word is changed. On the site, people basically send in text conversations that became hilarious or awkward when words were autocorrected.

- Another one that I discovered in college, and am not ashamed to admit I still read, is Texts From Last Night. This site is a good place to go to remind yourself that no matter how bad your decisions were last night, someone, somewhere made worse choices.

- Thanks to a good friend of mine, I discovered the hilarious Awkward Family Photos website. The name is pretty self-explanatory, it's pretty much a blog of funny family photos. And sometimes the title of the post is funnier than the picture.

- Fail Blog is, I believe, one of the firsts to post photos and videos giving the world a laugh at other people's expense. It never fails to make me chuckle, even after reading it for seven years. Now that's a damn good blog.

- Perhaps it's because I work in media that I find The Onion so amusing, but I really think you all should give it a read. It's basically a 'newspaper' that reports on popular topics, with no real sources and definitely no factual information. Not only are the fictional stories absolutely awesome, but the people who read them and believe they're true serve as even better entertainment.

- Having several friends in the education field, I of course have read Funny Exam, which is a site full of funny test answers from students. It walks the line of being humorous in its content, and so sad that this is the future of America. But still, a good laugh.

- One of my favorites that I also discovered while in college, F My Life, is another site to go to as reassurance that you're not alone, and other people have bad crap happen to them too. Soon after this site became popular, its counterpart My Life is Average, popped up. Which can occasionally be funny, but is mostly...average.

Now that you know my sense of Internet humor, any suggestions of funny sites?


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