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Monday, June 25, 2012

Important Facebook etiquette

If we're all being honest with ourselves, Facebook is a large part of our lives. It's how people young and old keep in contact with family, friends and acquaintances near and far.

Having been an avid Facebook user for the past seven years, I have learned a thing or two about proper Facebook etiquette. Not that I follow it consistently, but nevertheless I know the basic rules.

Here's a couple things to keep in mind:

Don't 'friend' your boss
Unless you want them to see all those photos from college or statuses you posted when you were drunk, stay away from friending bosses and co-workers. 
Some people think it makes more sense to delete all of the embarrassing photos, tags, and statuses -- but let's be real, that defeats the entire purpose of having Facebook in the first place. 
I will say that I am Facebook friends with co-workers, but they are also people I've associated with outside of the workplace and are relatively my age. I trust you to gauge the appropriateness considering your specific co-workers.
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Monday, June 18, 2012

You can't handle the truth

I have always considered myself a relatively honest and straight forward person. But it has come to attention lately that this is coming off as slightly judgmental. And that is upsetting.

I will say that I believe everyone passes judgment on people and their actions to some degree, but I guess I just tend to be more vocal about it than most.

My friends who know me well know that if they ask for my advice or opinion, it is entirely possible I may have some harsh things to say. But it rarely comes from a malicious place.

I strongly believe that people should not ask questions they don't want the answers to, or expect friends to sugar-coat reality for them. You're not doing anyone any favors by blowing smoke up their noses.

I mean, I am not a cold, heartless person. I've said the occasional "Yes, of course that dress looks cute on you," or "I'm sure he hasn't called because he's been busy," in order to be optimistic and not intentionally hurt any feelings. But I like to think being realistic and honest is best all around.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Crazy concert memories

This past weekend Dave Matthews Band performed at SPAC, as they do every year, and unfortunately I was unable to attend.

In fact, I haven't been to any shows in a while.

I used to love going to concerts, not just to see the performers but the whole experience. Getting the ticket in the mail, planning the road trip that almost always accompanies a good show and enjoying the actual performance.

That got me thinking about a few bizarre and ridiculous experiences that I have the urge to share.

First concert ever: Britney Spears

For my 12th birthday, my father bought me two fourth-row tickets to see Britney Spears at SPAC. The 'Oops I Did it Again' tour if I remember correctly. The show was fun since, of course, I knew all of the songs and lyrics by heart. That was also the night I learned exactly what lip syncing was and what it sounded like.

Same show three times in one year: Third Eye Blind

Can you really blame me? Besides the fact that there isn't one Third Eye Blind song I don't like, I could watch Stephen Jenkins sing all day everyday. I strongly recommend anyone go see a show if they get the chance. I know you know all the words to 'Semi-Charmed Life' anyways.

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