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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Education is the most powerful weapon...

...Which you can use to change the world.

If you have read any posts from my blog, you know I try to keep things light and write about semi-trivial things from my life that I think you can relate to.

But today I have to address a serious issue, and I'll try to do it without coming off too preachy.

I would like to respectfully request that first and foremost, all Americans eligible to vote register to do so. From your lowest level of government to the upcoming presidential election, your vote counts and is important. Every decision your government representatives make affects you or someone you know, and we are a democracy -- what we want and need should matter.

Secondly, I ask that everyone do their best to educate themselves on candidates before making a decision. And I'm not talking about watching one report on Fox News or CNN and making a choice from that alone. Do some research. The Internet is a beautiful thing and we should all use it to our advantage.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's in a name?

I am not embarrassed to admit that for some reason or another, I have an odd obsession with names.

Any time I have a conversation with someone who is talking about a baby, or referring to 'a friend of a friend' or complaining about their boss -- whatever it is -- I have to ask what the person's name is. For some reason I think it helps me paint that imaginary picture in my mind of what this person looks like as you're telling me a story about them.

I also think names have a lot to do with shaping a person's characteristics, so once I know someone's name I feel I know much more about the type of person they are.
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Crazy? Possibly.

For example, my name is Kali, pronounced Kay-lee. Not only did my parents spell my name like the Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction, but they apparently had a problem with phonetics as most people throughout my life have pronounced it more like Callie, because that's the way it looks. Usually on first reference I can correct people and they are mindful of it, but there are several times I have to correct people on more than one occasion. I even swear that sometimes my mom says my name weird.

Either way, the point is that me having to correct people or make a joke about the goddess of death thing or the fact that my parents can't spell, has made me a more social person and more able to make light of funny or odd things about myself. So I truly believe my name and it's spelling have helped shape my character.

So I urge anyone that plans on having children to put very careful thought into that kid's name. It could be the best thing you'll ever do for them or you could be setting them up for a life of misery and doom.

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