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Thursday, October 17, 2013

What's my excuse? This poster.

I wasn't going to hop and the bandwagon about this 'Hot mom fat shaming women' fiasco, but I can't resist.

Maria Kang, a 32-year-old mother of three, recently posted this photo, that has caused controversy across the nation:

She poses the question 'What's Your Excuse?' seemingly flaunting the fact that she can look like this with three small children having just given birth eight months ago.

There has been an outpouring of outrage, calling Maria out for 'fat shaming' women, who she seems to be looking down on if they can't get or stay fit.

She now claims her goal was to inspire women, not make them feel bad.

My problem with this is not the message of getting fit or healthy, it is the verbiage, which has been popular on many fitness Pinterest boards recently.

I am not a dense person, so I understand the accusatory tone that fitness buffs are really using when they say this while trying to hide it under the guise of 'inspiration.'

I will tell you, it is no more inspiring to ask 'What's your excuse?' then to ask 'Why is it so difficult for you to get off of your fat ass and lose some weight?'

Women struggling to lose weight don't need you asking what their excuse is for not doing it sooner or faster or better or whatever your standard may be. Each woman is different and it is more difficult for some than others to achieve the apparent 'ideal' of Maria Kang.

I don't have kids, but I am, however, familiar with the weight loss struggle in general. I would have appreciated if Maria Kang posted a fun exercise to do involving your kids, or a healthy meal you can make with your kids or that they'll think is tasty, much more than this poster.

Who cares what anyone's excuse is or has been in the past? The point is that when they are ready to get healthy, they need true inspiration, not to be questioned about why it's taken them so long to make a change.


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