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Monday, March 31, 2014

Has Lindsay changed?

I have several guilty pleasures when it comes to television.

I watch the worst, trashiest, most classless reality shows out there...and I love every minute of it. We're talking every franchise of The Real Housewives, The Bad Girls Club, Vanderpump Rules, Mob Wives and most recently, the OWN Network's docu-series: Lindsay.

Lindsay follows the fresh-out-of-rehab Lindsay Lohan as she moves from the bad influences and detrimental L.A. club scene back to her roots in New York City.

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We get a look inside her life through her eyes and through the perspective of her personal assistant, sober coach, life coach, parents and the production staff of the series, as they all deal with Lindsay's readjustment to the real world without drugs or alcohol. Sounds intense, right? It is.

I enjoyed Mean Girls as much as the next guy, but I was never a crazy fan of LiLo. This was partially because of the 'diva' rumors that started to spread after she left her Disney days on her quest to become a 'real' actress. She never evoked much sympathy from the public because she came off as a spoiled brat who wanted to reap all of the benefits of Hollywood life without putting in the hard work. She was becoming more notorious on the party scene than gaining recognition for her film work. It was pretty sad, but no one cared. She was constantly in and out of court and rehab and people wanted her to get her just desserts. She became the villain.

When I saw the previews for the Lindsay series, I was instantly intrigued. I, as many others I'm sure, wanted to see if she had truly turned over a new leaf. Her media craze had died down over the past year and I was actually rooting for her to be successful in her recovery.

Then the show began. The first episode was all well and good. Essentially for LiLo, chaos leads to yoga and meditation instead of drugs and alcohol. Got it.

The insight into her daily life, and daily conversations was compelling. You see her arguments, discussions, mini-breakdowns. It seemed very raw and real.

Then you start to see her old ways pop up subtly at first with drama on the set of a  photo shoot, then not-so-subtly in her holding up production for hours at a time because she needed 'me-time.' So she becomes the villain, again. No one has sympathy for a rich actress who shows up late for a 'job' that simply entails cameras following her around as she lives her normal daily life. Bad move, Linds.

In the most recent episode that aired last night, you get a look into a sit-down with Lindsay and the one and only Oprah, at Lindsay's mother's house on Long Island.

Oprah basically tells Lindsay that she would rather cut her losses and let the series go if Lindsay isn't going to take it seriously. Let's be honest, Oprah's not worried about losing the money. She was just trying to help a sister out and give Lindsay the opportunity to show the public, and producers in the industry, that she had cleaned up her act and was ready to work again.

I think Oprah opened her eyes to the fact that she was ruining a golden opportunity to redeem herself, so I'm curious to see how the rest of the series pans out.

I find this type of 'reality' series far more interesting than the ones with scripted drama and scheduled fights. Sure, those shows are entertaining, but I'd rather have a real, honest look into the life of a celebrity, not just what they want you to see.

Have you caught an episode of Lindsay yet? What do you think?!

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