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Thursday, March 6, 2014

'Pretty Little Liars' is definitely lying to us all

I'm not one bit embarrassed to admit that I regularly watch ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars.

For those of you who don't know, it's basically about four teenage girls in high school being harassed and tormented by an omniscient psychopath, who may very well be their previously-thought-to-be-dead frenemy best friend, or her mother.

The show, in its simplest form, is pretty good; but I have a few qualms that I just have to address.

Sidebar: If you don't watch this show, you probably won't understand the better part of this post. Just a heads up. Continue at your own discretion.

Now I understand this show is fictional - based on a fictional book series, about fictional characters with fictional lives. Got it.

But the biggest issue I have with this show, is that nearly every male these girls come in contact with is ridiculously attractive and totally open to dating/hooking up with underage high schools girls with no regard to any moral, emotional or legal consequences.
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Just a heads up to all the teenage girls that tune in - THAT IS NOT REAL LIFE. Not every doctor, police officer, therapist, mailman or janitor you meet will be a young, attractive guy. It just doesn't happen. And they are more than likely not going to want to date you if they're over 18. You're jailbait  in high school. They're not interested. And if they are - run.

You're not going to be like Aria and date your super attractive English teacher. Or like Spencer, who hooked up with her sister's ridiculously hot doctor ex-boyfriend. And definitely not like Hannah who randomly kisses the, again, super attractive cop investigating her for a crime. More than likely the English teachers, doctors and cops you encounter will be old, not remotely good looking and married with kids.

And the boys at your high school probably don't look like Toby or Caleb. You'll meet those boys in your 20s, which is the age those actors are in reality.

I have always had issues with shows based around teenagers or high school giving kids the wrong impression of what life is like. While they are fictional, I understand, they are supposed to be based in a social reality that teens can relate to. So it should be as realistic as possible.

Another thing that gets me about Pretty Little Liars is the fact that the parents don't have any idea where there kids are. They ditch school, stay out all hours of their night (apparently with their parents vehicles?) have several near-death experiences, and the parents are none the wiser. Also not real life.

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Also, just a small bothersome bit from the show - Rosewood High seems to have no dress code. Or they don't enforce it. These girls wear clothes that no teen really wears, and some of them are quite short and/or low cut. What happened to the 'skirt has to reach the bottom of your fingers at your sides' or the 'three-finger rule'? (Get your mind out of the gutter - I'm talking about the rule that the straps on your shirt have to be at least three fingers wide.)

 There's no American Eagle or JCPenney for these girls. No one can afford to wear the liars' clothes in high school. Or the shoes. Not that the shoes aren't cute, but again, not real life.

Just had to share that. Any other PLL fans feel me on this?!

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Blogger Isabel Kai├čer said...

I quite agree with you, anyways I love the serie and I find it entertaining and gives you some fashion ideas :D But yeah, it doesn't reflect real life and when I was twelve years old and watched that kind of series, I used to think my next teenage years had to be like that. The thing is your teenage life won't be by far like that and you also need to do your homework and study for exams. I don't know when these girls from series study and how they can pass their exams. I think the serie should be about college girls, then it would look more real.
PD: I also get it is fiction, but for some preteens it can be somehow a wrong Image of teen life.

June 24, 2014 at 3:20 PM  

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