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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Check out Lindsay's 'list'

So as I'm sure everyone on the planet knows by now, a list of Lindsay Lohan's alleged sexcapades was released, or stolen without permission as she claims in the finale of her docu-series. At first, several of the names were blurred out, but a second, fuller list appears including 30 people; some super famous, some obscure.

The list looks something like this:

I don't think I'm totally buying Lindsay all up-in-arms about the release of this list, because there's only 36 spaces on this page (unfortunately, we only get to see 30), which in Hollywood is probably one-third of what other's 'lists' might look like. Although if I were a betting gal, I would say there is another Scattergories page or two of more names in another random cardboard box labeled 'knick-knacks' somewhere in Lindsay's apartment. The world may never know.

I mean, it's personal. I get it. Most people don't want the entire universe to know they've been around town, let alone who's houses they've stopped at along the way. But that's why you should never EVER write it down. Anywhere. I don't care whether it's the fifth, eighth or two-step in your rehab program. Just don't do it, because this is what will happen.

But if it makes ya feel any better, Linds, at least the list is pretty impressive - Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine - some pretty high-profile guys. You go, girl. Yolo. (Assuming none of them were in relationships at the time - otherwise, you DON'T go, girl.) 

And let's be serious, you know when she was writing this list there was a little, even if it was the tiniest sliver, sense of pride in her endeavors. And I can't hate her for it. If I had the chance, I wouldn't kick Ashton, Justin or Adam out of bed either. Would you?

I also think it's entirely possible that this was done purposely for publicity, which sucks for a lot of guys on the list who may NOT have wanted the world to know they've ridden Lindsay's loco-train. She definitely solidified it in the finale of her series, confirming it is a real list that she made, she just didn't want anyone to see it. Which I guess is why it was lying around in a box somewhere amongst old blonde hair extensions, Tupperware bowls and Chanel bags circa 2003, instead of immediately burned in a fire pit or shredded with her 2011 letters from the IRS.

Either way, whether it was on purpose or not, it's out there. Is it shocking, yes? But to be honest, I think everyone in Hollywood should start releasing this lists. It seems cathartic, just ask Linds.

What do you think of Lindsay's list?

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