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Monday, May 12, 2014

Everyone loves Harry Styles

I am a '90s kid and am proud to say that I grew up in the original "Pop Boy Band" era. You would find 'N Sync, Backstreet Boys, Hanson, 98 degrees or BBMak CDs in my Walkman any time on any given day. My room was plastered with J-14 posters, and I regularly recorded TRL appearances on VHS tapes to watch 100 times over.

I would like to think my, let's call it a 'fascination', of One Direction is attributed to that fact. It's just my ode to my former, younger self. I swear.

Now I'm talking the 2014 version of One Direction. When "What Makes You Beautiful" came out, the song legit made my ears bleed and the boys were just babies in that music video. But now that they're all grown up and the tatts, skinny jeans and British accents just sucked me right in. Oops.

Even though casually mentioning Harry Styles in everyday conversation warrants blank stares, hysterical laughter and/or appalled jeering from my friends, I have no shame. #sorrynotsorry

Does watching One Direction concert footage for hours, searching 'Harry Styles' on Twitter and Tumblr daily and very, very seriously considering paying hundreds of dollars for 1D concert tickets make me creepy? Possibly. But let's face it, everyone loves Harry Styles. Fact.

So to make myself feel better I stumbled on a few of my kindred spirits in Hollywood, who are also entranced by the wondrous and unfairly attractive human being that is Harry Styles.

And then of course:

Good to know I'm not alone.

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