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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

R.I.P. Robin Williams

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Robin Williams has been in my life ever since I can remember. And while I am overwhelmingly saddened by his death, I hope his spirit will live on through his classic films that in my opinion, will never be forgotten.

His character portrayals have been touching souls and inspiring laughter for nearly 40 years, and I have never heard one person ever say they are not a fan of Robin Williams. He had the kind of physical commitment to comedy that is rare to find, and talent that was impossible to ignore.

I know that his legacy will live on, because his performances are timeless. Whether it be the '90s-kid staple "Mrs. Doubtfire" or  Oscar-winning "Good Will Hunting," you'd be hard pressed to find a film featuring Robin that wasn't loved by all and duly respected by his industry peers.

I sat down last night and really thought about all of the films that he was in that are legitimately considered classics to my generation. "Mrs. Doubtfire," "Dead Poet's Society," "Jumanji," "Aladdin," "Hook," "Flubber," "Good Will Hunting," "Death to Smoochy," "FernGully" and far too many more to mention.

These movies molded my childhood, and really believe that anyone who hasn't enjoyed these films is missing out on outstanding performances. I will have my kids watch them, and they'll have their kids watch them and it'll go on forever. And I guarantee you kids 100 years from now will find him just as hilarious as we did.

It is so heartbreaking to think Robin was suffering from depression, not even realizing how much of a true legend he was to us all.

I think it's unfortunate that actors and other celebrities don't get to see the impact they have, because they're always so busy stressing about upcoming projects and appearances. They know they have 'fans,' but they don't spend a whole lot of time talking to these people or online reading the positive things about themselves. As human nature goes, we tend to focus more on the negative and dwell and often time it affects our mental state and stability.

Whatever the cause of his illness, it is a true tragedy. But I hope he can find peace now knowing he will never be forgotten.

Now I leave you with this video. Grab some tissues.


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